Omama Ansari


Meet Omama Ansari, the innovative head of the Edtech program at Off The School (OTS). He brings a wealth of technical expertise to his role with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Information Systems from NED University. His diverse experience ranges from health tech, e-commerce, and social media, providing a unique perspective on his role at OTS. He has honed his skills through his experience working at reputable companies and involvement with incubation centers and start-ups, including WrapKar.

As a seasoned product manager with a proven track record of success, Omama managed a portfolio of over 20 applications, including award-winning apps Easy Urdu and Quran Majeed. The latter has a user base of over 30 million users, making it one of the most used Islamic apps in the world. Join us as Omama shares his expertise on the latest developments in the Edtech industry, offering valuable information and inspiration for anyone looking to advance in the field of education technology.