Muhammad Tahir


Meet Muhammad Tahir – a versatile individual with a passion for exploring new fields and honing his skills to become a well-rounded professional. Tahir’s journey began with a background in science, as he pursued FSc Pre-Engineering and later shifted gears to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Tahir’s quest for knowledge and eagerness to learn led him to join “Off The School” three years ago. Starting as a general science teacher, he quickly transitioned to teaching English and graphic designing. However, his true talent and passion was revealed when he discovered video editing, and became a video editor for the organisation. He further proved his versatility by leading the social media team at “Off The School”.

Through his varied experiences, he discovered his love for content creation and presentation, and he now works as a content writer and as an Ed-Tech presenter. His ultimate goal is to become a popular speaker while delving deep into the fascinating world of AI and machine learning.

Tahir’s unique blend of skills, including video editing, graphic designing, teaching, and content creation, make him a “Jack of all trades.” He strives to master each skill while remaining open to new opportunities and challenges. Tahir is a determined individual who values continuous learning, and his dedication to self-improvement is evident in his impressive skill set and diverse experiences.


Graphic Designing