Mubashir Sakhi


Meet Mubashir Sakhi, a curious soul who’s always on the hunt for something new to experiment with! With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from NED University, Mubashir’s sights are set on conquering the world of YouTube.

One day, he hopes to launch a channel where he can share his ideas, rants, and observations on life with the world. In the meantime, Mubashir keeps busy running a production service company that specializes in organising conferences and taking on freelance web design projects. But he doesn’t stop there! On the side, Mubashir’s exploring the world of pitchwiseai, a website where users can instantly generate a pitch for their start-up, and honing his skills in performance marketing. It’s clear that Mubashir is a true jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for trying new things and taking on exciting challenges. Who knows where his curiosity and determination will take him next? One thing’s for sure – the world better watch out!


Freelance Web Designing