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OTS Webinar: Experts Share Last-Minute Exam Success Strategies


Reading your question paper carefully and consciously is the very first task you need to perform. If you skip that task, it will cost you heavily,said Muneeb Raza recalling how a firm, as a part of research, once shared an assessment of 200 objective questions with its job applicants. Although, in the last question it was written that they had actually skipped reading the complete instructions at the start of the questionnaire that in fact didn’t ask them to attempt the quiz.  

Off The School conducted a webinar titledLast-Minute Mastery: Exam Success Strategieson Saturday to provide students with smart and modern preparation methods and techniques to ace their exams. The webinar featured a panel of experts joined by a number of students from matric and intermediate classes.

Jahanzaib Sheikh, an educator and moderator, emphasized the importance of having a positive mindset and staying motivated during the exam preparation phase. He provided tips on setting realistic goals and creating a study schedule that fits the individual’s learning style.

Students should work smart rather doing hard work, Sheikh concluded. Student must write well-presented and articulated answers keeping an examiner’s checking approach in mind, he added.

Bilal Rashid, an educator and researcher, shared his insights on effective note-taking techniques and how to stay focused during long study sessions.

Bilal also highlighted the importance of staying organized and managing time effectively. Write your priorities on the question paper like what type of questions and which section you are going to attempt first,he advised the students.

Hassan Aftab, our tlogger (tutor and vlogger) and a CS undergrad, provided valuable insights on how students should manage their schedule. He also discussed the benefits of collaborative learning and how students can form study groups to prepare for exams.

Muneeb Raza, an academic and research scholar, stressed upon the importance of comprehensive reading, time management, and adopting a passing-mark approach. According to Muneeb, students should attempt enough questions that they are confident they can answer correctly and earn the passing marks before moving on to the remaining questions. This strategy can help students avoid exam anxiety and maximize their score, he explained. He also suggested that by practicing previous year’s papers and mock tests students could improve exam-taking skills and build more confidence.

The webinar received positive feedback from the participants, who found the insights and strategies shared by the panelists to be extremely useful and practical. The moderator expressed their gratitude to the speakers for their valuable contributions and hoped that the participants would be able to apply the tips and strategies discussed in the webinar to achieve exam success.

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